Parsnip Chips by Hardbite ~ TLC Snack Corner Review

Hardbite Parsnip Chips

Edited with revised nutritional information June 28th, 2017. Scroll to the end.

Welcome to the TLC (Thriving on Low Carb) Snack Corner Review! I find it easier to stick to a diet/lifestyle when one can have things that will work as substitutes rather than a carby counterpart that can throw one out of ketosis. I’ll be reviewing items that I’ve found or that have been touted as low carb or even keto friendly. The Parsnip Chips by Hardbite Chips have the honour of being the first TLC Snack Corner Review.


Low Carb Creamed Spinach Side Dish

This low carb creamed spinach side dish is simple and quick. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner! It all started when I popped into the Local Harvest Farm Market and I saw this beautiful bag of organic spinach that was freshly picked.

Seeing the big succulent leaves, I couldn’t resist taking it home with me. I had some low carb pork BBQ ribs leftover from the other day (it was great, it kept me fed for 4 dinners) and the spinach would make a great side dish. I’d seen a fellow ketoer post something about creamed spinach and thought that would be perfect for dinner. I wasn’t sure about a recipe so I had made this flying by the seat of my pants and I loved how it turned out but next time I’d use a lot more spinach!


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