Delightful Low Carb Chicken with Coconut – Kelaguen

TLC Low Carb Coconut Chicken

Chicken, Keto, Low Carb, Main Dish, Recipes | February 12, 2016 | By

This dish came out of nowhere and I hadn’t expected it to be so savoury and light, it’s low carb chicken with coconut. Also known as Kelaguen in Guam. It’s coconut paired with a protein, most often raw fish or seafood that “cooks” in the acidity of the citrus. Kinda like ceviche with coconut! With this particular recipe, the chicken is already cooked so no worrying about eating it raw. (I do want to try this in future!) You can eat it as a side dish, a salad or a main course it’s quite versatile. One serving is 8.89g net carbs most definitely low carb and you can squeeze it in if you’re keto! (I plan out my macros if I know this dish is on the horizon!) This is one of these dishes that you’re thinking…are you sure? That’s weird! No, seriously…really weird! Well, I thought the same thing and now it’s on my list of fave meals to make.
What’s also great about this dish is that with it being winter, it’s nice to have something fresh.


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