Homemade Heavy Cream Yogurt using the Instant Pot

Low Carb Heavy Cream Yogurt made using the Instant Pot

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I had been thinking about making heavy cream yogurt using┬áthe Instant Pot for quite a while now. I’ve had the Instant Pot DUO60, 7 in 1 for over a year now (and the IP Smart for just under a year), one function that I’ve wanted to use but haven’t is the yogurt function.

Thinking that Heavy Cream has approximately half the number of carbs than homogenized milk based on the USDA nutrition Database Heavy Cream has 6.52g carbs in one fluid cup compared to homogenized milk which has 11.66g carbs per fluid cup. (Though, I’ve since discovered that according to Avalon’s website that their Heavy Cream has 13g carbs-3g fiber=10g net carbs while their homogenized milk has 12g per cup. I’ve emailed to clarify if this was correct and as of this post haven’t heard back yet. Next time, I may be using another cream for this.)

So here’s my thought process, start with Heavy Cream which is lower in carbs to begin with and turn it into yogurt where the bacteria would use some of the milk sugars for food!! AH, HA!! (but there’s the other thing where the fat will remain and will be high in calories!)
I thought it’s perfect on the Ketogenic diet where I’ve restricted myself to 20g of net carbs. (Net carbs is the total carbs minus fiber carbs). I hadn’t had yogurt since starting the diet in July 2015. I was excited to 1) have yogurt again 2) to be able to use another function on the Instant Pot. YIPEEEE!

Low Carb Heavy Cream Yogurt made using the Instant Pot

This is all you really need to make Heavy Cream Yogurt!

I don’t know why I was surprised that the yogurt culture seemed inexpensive, it was $5.99 for the package with 6 packets inside. Each packet makes 1L of yogurt. Which works out to $1 per liter for the culture alone.

This particular starter is yogourmet’s Probiotic culture.

If yogurt culture isn’t readily available in your area (be sure to check the health food store in the fridge or freezer) you can also use plain yogurt to innoculate. A teaspoon per jar would suffice.

Low Carb Heavy Cream Yogurt made using the Instant Pot

Added a cup of heavy cream to each of 4 jars.

Low Carb Heavy Cream Yogurt made using the Instant Pot

Place the Instant Pot steamer rack in the bottom. Add in 1 cup water. Then fit jars with cream in the pot. They all JUST fit.

(I saw that Instant Pot now has it’s own yogurt rack, so it’s just been added to my wish list.)

Next, scald the milk and sterilize the jars.

Cover, lock and set STEAM RELEASE VALVE to SEALING.

Press the STEAM button and the “-” minus button, to get down to 1 minute.

Once finished, press cancel (so that pot won’t go into “Keep Warm” mode).

Let the pot natural release. When the Float Valve drops, open the lid.

For this particular culture, it needs to be below 23-25C before incubating so the jars need to cool down below 23C (to be safe).

This will take a good hour or so!

(I did not realize this at the time!! I would have started making it sooner in the day!)

Low Carb Heavy Cream Yogurt made using the Instant Pot

Once cooled…again, the jars must be below 23C, too high and it will kill the culture. (be sure to check that your starting temperature is ideal for the culture you’re using)

I’ve approximately split one packet of yogurt culture between all 4 jars and sprinkled it in. You can barely see it above but it’s the yellowish bits.

Cover, lock the lid and set STEAM RELEASE VALVE to ….doesn’t matter, the program incubates at around 44C.

Press YOGURT, I didn’t adjust the 8 hour incubation time. I left it as is since it was my first time.

Note: the longer you let it incubate, the more tart it becomes. Now knowing this, I’ll try a 6 hour incubation next time.

Once the cycle is finished, remove the jars (they won’t be freakishly hot, they’ll be easy to handle as they’ve been sitting at 44C), cover and place in the fridge.
I apologize, I didn’t take any pictures when I took the jars out of the Instant Pot. It was oooooh, about 1:30am when I took them out and I just wanted to get to bed.

(Hence my comment earlier about starting this process earlier in the day OR perhaps starting the incubation just before going to bed…that would work too!)

Low Carb Heavy Cream Yogurt made using the Instant Pot

Here are the four lovely jars the following morning after they’ve been in the fridge overnight.

Low Carb Heavy Cream Yogurt made using the Instant Pot

Just to show you how thick the yogurt turned out!!!

Low Carb Heavy Cream Yogurt made using the Instant Pot

Here’s also showing you how thick the yogurt is!!

(I was looking through the camera lens and not paying attention where the cream was going! I thought…meh..I’ll keep it as is!)

How does it taste???! It smells like yogurt and it tastes like a cross between yogurt and sour cream.

Making Heavy Cream Yogurt using the Instant Pot

Just added a teaspoon of low carb Chocolate Hazelnut Spread to this yogurt!

Low Carb Heavy Cream Yogurt made using the Instant Pot

┬áLots of love for this yogurt! Yes there’s a few things I want to try out, perhaps in the New Year! I would certainly make this heavy cream yogurt using the Instant Pot again.

I left out the nutritional info on purpose. I’m not sure by how much the bacteria will affect the carb content of the cream.

There are before and after values around of milk that’s been turned to yogurt but I don’t feel right applying those. So rather, whenever I calculate my macros, I’ll count whatever is in the cream before it’s made into yogurt. This way my carb macros will be a little higher than what I’ve actually consumed and that’s okay with me. Now if only I could get a lab to test it!

Instant Pot Heavy Cream Yogurt
Author: Spike
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 11 servings
  • 1L Heavy Cream 33-36% MF
  • 1 envelope of yogurt starter (good for 1L of liquid)
  1. Divide cream into 4 canning jars (that fit in the Instantpot)
  2. Add 1 cup water and place in the trivet (that came with the pot)
  3. Add in the jars, close lid and set the steam vent to seal
  4. Press STEAM and set for 1 minute
  5. After cycle, quick release and open lid.
  6. Before the next stage the cream MUST cool down to 43C (check the culture you’re using to be sure) else the culture will die.
  7. Once it reached the desired temperature, divide the culture among the 4 jars and mix in
  8. Close the lid and Press YOGURT, it’s automatically set for 8 hours. (steam vent can be open or closed)
  9. After the 8 hours have elapsed, cover jars and place in refrigerator
  10. Enjoy!
Serving size: 90mL (3oz) Calories: 300 Fat: 30 Saturated fat: 21 Trans fat: 0.6 Carbohydrates: ** Sodium: 30 Protein: 1.8 Cholesterol: 120
**Carbs for whipping cream is normally 0.4g per 15mL, so for a serving the carb count would be 2.4g but the bacteria would consume some of that to make yogurt.
Step by Step How to make Heavy Cream Yogurt using the Instant Pot #InstantPot #lowcarb #keto


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    August 19, 2017

    I know this is an old post, but I hope you’ll see this comment and be able to answer my question. I’m wondering what equation you used to calculate how many of the carbs the bacteria will eat. My cream has a different carb count than yours to begin with, so I’d like to be able to do the math for my batch.

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    Stephen Jackson
    October 31, 2017

    Heidi, one of the “secrets” in lacto-fermentation is that the bacterial cultures are VERY good at converting free sugars to lactic acid. Because food manufacturers use a subtraction method to determine carb counts, the counts on fermented food are always “wrong” for keto be related eating lifestyles. I frequently eat several cups of full fat yogurt and have never been thrown out of ketosis from it. My threshold is rather low (25-30 grams/day) so the yogurt must actually be quite limited in carbs. I tend to prefer very tart/tangy yogurt though…

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